The Process

Ghostwriting — Creating Your Life-Changing Christian Book

My flexible ghostwriting process ensures your book is crafted skillfully and efficiently, capturing your unique voice and ideas.

First, I determine what I will be writing the book from. Many authors send me notes, rough drafts, audio/video recordings, media articles, journals, blogs, and other scattered pieces of information. I can also conduct my own research as needed. If you don’t have anything from which to begin the work, and if it’s not a topic I can research, then I can write your book from phone and email interviews. All phone interviews are recorded for transcription and writing purposes.

Next, sometimes I create an outline from the information I have, though if I’m writing from audio/video recordings or phone and email interviews, then I usually just write as I go, asking the author questions along the way. Ghostwriting is usually a regular back-and-forth exchange between the author and me as we go through the process of getting the book done.

I normally start by completing the first 10,000 words of the book to ensure you have enough copy to produce a quality product.

For longer books, this is not necessarily the first 10,000 words that will start the book, just the first 10,000 that I get finished, although I try to get as close to the beginning as I can. I just find that as I write books from “scratch,” copy naturally gets moved around according to its appropriate placement in the book, and the author and I can’t always predict that in the beginning.

If you want to pay for additional writing work upfront, that’s fine. It’s just always important for the author and me to be on the same page. I don’t want to write 50,000 words and then discover it isn’t what you wanted.

After the first 10,000 words have been written, I will send the copy to you for review and any changes that need to be made before writing more of the book. The “back and forth” review cycle will continue until the book is finished.

Editing — Enhance Your Masterpiece!

If you have already penned your inspiring Christian book, I offer developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading. These different levels of editing are described on my Services page. I’ll tailor my services to match your specific needs and ensure your manuscript shines brilliantly. Together, we’ll decide on the best editing approach before diving into the work. Rest assured, my top-notch services will leave you delighted with the final result!

Don’t forget to provide a word count of your manuscript so I can give you an accurate editing quote.

Publishing — Unveil Your Book to the World!

Once the manuscript is finished, I’ll format your book in both print and Kindle versions, providing you with PDFs for approval. I’ll also create eye-catching covers that perfectly encapsulate your book’s essence.

If you don’t have a publisher and if you’re not going to try for an agent, I will publish the book for you on Amazon.

  • For Ghostwriting Clients — Publishing on Amazon is a free service, though declining it will not affect the cost of the writing and editing work. The publishing is a free add-on for those who need it.
  • For Editing Clients — Costs for formatting and covers depend on the final word count of the book.

Weekly Updates for All

For all projects, I give progress updates once a week, usually on Fridays.

Ready to Make Your Dream a Reality?

Reach out to me through my contact page. Together, we’ll create a remarkable book that leaves a lasting impact on readers worldwide. Let’s make your dreams come true! 😊