My Reviews

Following are many of the awesome reviews I’ve received over the years. If you’re ready to hire me to ghostwrite, edit, or publish your next Christian book, just head to my contact page and let me know how I can help.

I was looking for someone to help me write my book. Being a first-time author, I didn’t know where to start. So, I prayed, and I asked God to lead me to the right person to help me. After searching on the internet and much prayer, the Lord led me to Donna Ferrier.  I can truly say she did everything decently and in order. I look forward to using her excellent skills again as I start on my next book.


As a first-time book writer, I began my journey of writing a book initially under an authorship program claiming one could write a book in 90 days. Over six years later, weighed down by my constant struggle to finish my book, I was advised to find a Christian ghostwriter. In my search on the Internet, I came across Donna Ferrier’s website, and I was spiritually drawn to call upon her services. Donna took my compilation of notes and materials, and within a short amount of time, she created for me a foundation to build upon wherein I could present the life lessons I wanted to portray in my book. I could always count on Donna to come through in a workable timeframe, and I am now well on my way to making my book become a reality. I highly recommend Donna Ferrier for her skills and expertise as a Christian ghostwriter.


The Spirit of God lead me to write a short story about what happened to me and my family. This story was real life. Our baby girl was born sleeping. I had no intention to publish it at first but inside I knew it had to be shared. So I asked God to lead me to the right individual. I did a search, and Donna Ferrier came up. There were others but I was drawn to use her. I contacted her by email and she replied promptly and took me step by step on how publishing a book works and the cost. She was excellent at proofreading my work and getting everything ready for publishing. I highly recommend her, especially for new book writers. She is a wonderful person to work with.


Donna Ferrier was tremendous help by taking the manuscript I had written about the history and impact of a Christian school and revised it into a very readable book. This was no easy process. The book is over 350 pages long and contains almost 400 pictures along with numerous call out boxes She did quality work putting it all together and was very responsive to any corrections or changes that needed to be made. Providing excellent suggestions, I found her insight into the layout of the book immensely helpful. It was incredibly easy to work with her. I highly recommend Donna Ferrier to help edit or ghostwrite a book that you would like to publish.


Donna did a fantastic job for me, a first time author. Editing, book layout, the cover and self-publishing on Amazon. She did it all, professionally, timely and economically. I cannot recommend her high enough. Coleman Rector (Wisdom of the Proverbs Explained)


Donna Ferrier, did a great job of editing my manuscript for the book I wrote about battle fatigue. We communicated through email and phone and I am very satisfied with the results. Donna was very attentive and thorough with changes and suggestions to ensure that the content was just right. I recommend her services for anyone needing editing services.


Donna, Although there are many book editors on the marketplace, finding the right one is essential. It is always a risk to submit one’s manuscript to somebody we do not know. But I am extremely pleased with the work you have done. Your professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail have surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much for your dedication, your weekly update and invaluable comments. I will most definitely use you again.


Donna, I just got an opportunity to look at the work you did for me. Let me start by saying, you are no joke! I was thoroughly pleased. Thank you, again, for the awesome job. You’ll definitely hear from me again. 


Donna is definitely a one-stop shop for all your editing needs. She’s very professional and seek to answer any concerns a client has regarding their manuscript. I’ve have worked with Donna on numerous occasions and each time, I’m very grateful for her services. Thanks, Donna!!!


Donna stands out above all other editors because she is saved, anointed, and knows the Word of God. Others don’t carry the anointing in their writing the way Donna does. That’s what makes her special. Meeting Donna was no coincidence; that is ever so clear. My wife agrees that she should continue to be our editor, as well. God bless.


I contacted Donna Ferrier to edit my book and I found her to be professional, sincere, and prompt. Donna has outstanding writing and editorial skills. I was extremely pleased. Donna is truly a blessing!


Looking for help to get my autobiography in print, I prayed and searched under Christian Editors online.  Donna kept her word and was faithful weekly to update with the progress.  Her suggestions were very helpful in expanding the detail and content of my story.  If I had a question there was a quick response.  I highly recommend Donna’s expertise to get your book published.


I am very pleased with Donna’s professional editing services for a children’s book I am writing. I found her to be very thorough and caught a number of words that needed changing. This is my first experience with Donna. I definitely will use her services again and recommend her. Don’t go alone!


As a Christian pastor who wanted to put a number of things into print I was at a loss as to where to go to find the kind of professional help that I needed. After searching on the internet I came across Donna Ferrier’s website. This was an answer to prayer. I found Donna to be an excellent book editor with wonderful gifts and abilities that I needed to help make my projects a success. She was not only extremely helpful, but her sweet attitude as a committed Christian made all the difference to me. She worked very hard and did excellent work that I would highly recommend. When I give her some work to do, with even the briefest explanations, she knows exactly what to do and gets the job done. I am very pleased with her work and the help she provided me and highly recommend her. Thank you Donna for your wonderful services.


I wrote my first book. The initial goal was simply not to embarrass myself. I did a lot of internet research about editors… wow I had no idea how many there are and how the business works. My book (fiction) had a clear Christian message. I didn’t want an editor to alter the message or suggest toning it down. I stumbled on Donna’s site (or was it divine providence?) Her site explained the business of editing and encouraged me. While part of me wanted the lowest price possible the mature part of me knew that you get what you pay for. Donna and I wrote back and forth and agreed on which services I needed. It was worth every penny. I highly recommend Donna and will use her again if I write another book.


She is a pro who does not play with time. Where it is not needed she leaves it alone. Where correction or personality injection is necessary, she sees it. Donna listens and does not just abandon you when the job is done.


I am a first-time book writer and was very pleased with the work that Donna did for me. She did an amazing job! She was very good about keeping me updated every Friday. Donna was very prompt in making some changes that I wanted to make. Highly recommend using Donna for your editing needs. I look forward to using her to help me complete my book.


Donna Ferrier made my first Christian book to be published a wonderful experience!!! When I was at my wits end with trying to find an editor, God led me to her.

When reviewing Donna’s website, I knew she was just the right editor for me. She was very open and honest, and easily accessible. It was a great advantage to be able to receive free advice from her website concerning the editing process. Her advice on her website is scripture based. She is a special anointed woman of God who is well qualified to do her job.

Once my manuscript was placed in her hands, it took away a lot of pressure. During this season in my life, she made things so much easier. She did a fantastic job with my book editing, layout, and cover design. She strives for perfection in her work to produce a high-quality product. Donna kept me posted during the process. I highly recommend Donna to any Christian author.

Thanks so much, Donna, for a job well done!!!


I found Donna while I was searching for a Christian editor for my project to publish my first book. She has been a great blessing and a precious help to me. She is excellent at what she does, but above all, she a Christian; she knows the word of God. That makes all the difference!

I used her proofreading services, but she has done far more than that. She started to advise me even before we discussed money, which shows that editing Christian books is a ministry for her. I avoided many big mistakes thanks to her honesty. Donna could have worked on my manuscript, gotten paid, and that’s it! However, she put the emphasis on the quality of the book. She is respectful, very kind, and she responded quickly! Every week, she gave an update, which was very encouraging for me. After she sent me the document, she continued to follow up with me.

Donna helped me beyond my expectation. I will not hesitate to use her services for my future projects.


I would highly recommend Donna. I hired Donna to copy edit my manuscript Expedition Love. I had already spent several months going back and forth with my publisher through their editing process. Tired and frustrated with their editing process, I contacted Donna. After several emails and at least one phone call to discuss my many questions, I made the decision to hire her. She finished the job sooner than expected, kept me updated throughout, filled in the blanks for me when I did not understand (new novice writer), and in the end delivered a cleaned-up version of my manuscript. I was very pleased. One of my major concerns with hiring an editor centered around making sure that my style would not be lost in the editing process. Donna managed to polish up my manuscript without losing any of my style or personality. I was extremely pleased with that.

She also went above and beyond offering practical advice and a few freebies. She added in a copyright page for me (something I did not know I needed), made suggestions to improve the page format, etc. This was not part of the editing package I paid for; this was done as a courtesy. I really appreciate the extra help. I now feel very confident sending my new and improved manuscript back to my publisher and proceeding to page design! Thank you very much, Donna.


I am a repeat customer. I used Donna for a second time to copy edit my book Expedition Healing. Once again, I was very pleased with her professional services. She updated me every Friday, finished the initial edit within a very reasonable amount of time, and handled my 4 rounds of follow-up edits ( I added text after the initial edit) in an efficient, timely manner. Donna was very patient with me throughout all of the last-minute changes I made. I would highly recommend Donna and I will use her again.


I was looking on the web for a Christian editor to edit my book. I came across many different Christian editors, and after reading what they had to offer, I was interested in some of them but there was not really a connection.

I continued searching. I came across Donna Ferrier, and after prayer, something just connected with her and I felt this was the person I wanted to work on my book. I read what she offered and was drawn to her after reading comments on her website.

I contacted her about her services and she responded back quickly, which was lovely, and her trademark, “Peace,” at the end of her emails was exactly what I felt when I contacted her to work on my book.

After speaking with her on the phone, I felt a connection and knew she would do a great job. My book was given the full comprehensive editing service, which it needed as when I had it first published I mistakenly did not have it edited. After using Donna’s services, I will resubmit my book to my publishers for reprinting. I have to say I will definitely use her again. Not only did she change the layout and flow of my book, but she made me realise that you do need editing services for your work that you have done, as you can’t work alone when writing.

May I say, Donna, you are truly blessed in what you do and continue to flow in the wisdom that God has given you with the knowledge of words.


With my manuscript, I had personally gone over the edits six times. I knew it needed some work especially with clarity, punctuation, basic sentence structure, and copy editing.  Thing was, I had no idea where to start. Period. So, I went to Google and typed in “Christian Editors.” A few popped up, and I was even more confused than ever. I said a prayer, cast my care to God, and said, “God, I’m following your direction. You know where I am and what needs to be done; please send me the right person to do this job. I let go and allowed God to direct me to the right editor for the manuscript.

A few minutes later, I thought, Let me try again. This time when I ran the search, the usual kept coming up as before, except this time a new hit was added:  Donna Ferrier. I clicked on the link, read a few lines, and I knew immediately God had directed me to her and answered my prayer.  I immediately contacted her. When she responded, I knew she was a Godsend. Donna knew exactly what I was looking for.  She kept my style of prose and intonation and took the manuscript to the next level. Excellence.  I gave her carte blanche, and she exceeded all my expectations as my editor.  Moreover, I elicited Donna’s service in ghostwriting a summary for a target audience. Again, Donna exceeded all my expectations and went above and beyond what I was looking for.  Personally, I could not have been happier with the result. I will for my next manuscript, and any other work relating to my personal needs on manuscripts, ghostwriting, proofing, and copy writing, will be reaching out to Donna as my copy writing editor and other writing needs.

I have been in the business world for 40 years, coming from a broad background of corporate, legal, and civil service. In those positions, I have come across multitudes of copy writers and editors that were used in similar situations for edits of procedural manuals, legal briefs, and other types of business writings.  In all of those instances, none hold the candle to Donna’s professionalism and word product.  Moreover, her personal character, virtue, and personal excellence adds to and solidifies her professionalism.  There are not enough adjectives to convey how professional she is, as well as her personal care in each service she provided for my manuscript.  If you are in need of an editor, copy writer, ghost writer, or publisher, I highly recommend Donna Ferrier. Truly, Donna is a worldclass talent in her field.


A Ph.D. degree’er in sociology desperately hunting for someone to repair a badly damaged manuscript I wanted to publish, I discovered Donna Ferrier, who responded to my email within hours, assuring me she was a competent editor and could handle my work.  Her tone was confident, though, thankfully, not laced in standardized commercial hype — you know, where you get a series of retorts to questions you didn’t even ask.  Though highly objective and professional, I found her to be as compassionate about her editing as we writers are about our writing, a highly workable tandem if ever there was one.

She is fastidious and efficient, managing to grind out chapters with appropriate edits and suggestions expeditiously, coupled with regular little updates that instruct you on where she is and what you can expect next.  I couldn’t keep up with her, and often wondered whether she was the writer and I merely a satisfied reader, or what?  I sometimes had the feeling that I wanted to write more just to have her on the other end to edit it – in fact, so excited that I paid her in full after two weeks in, though she didn’t require it.

She provides that level of comfort, encouragement, and invitation.  I highly recommend her, and can’t wait to get on with two other pieces floating around in my head, to have her board the train and ride with me, in the hope that someone will notice, as in a publisher.

The next best decision a writer and wanna-be writer can make, after have worked relentlessly penning her or his ideas in narrative form, is to contract Donna Ferrier to read and edit it.


I have used Donna’s services twice now! In my first encounter with her, she was very professional and met every deadline that she had agreed upon. What was most impressive to me was that she took what I thought to be a great read and made it a masterpiece. She made every word, story, and illustration much clearer to my audience. She was thorough about everything that she did. She was sure to check in and let me know that she was still on track and which section that she was working on. I was so impressed by the quality of her work and her work ethic that I decided to send her my first book, which had already been edited and published. I knew that she could make it even better.


I have been searching for two years for someone to edit my writings. I had given up. Then one day I saw a name that jumped out at me, Donna Ferrier. I read some of the reviews on her site and was very pleased. To my surprise, there was a phone number. I called the number, and she answered the phone! We talked a few minutes, and in two weeks I sent my first manuscript. Donna finished editing my manuscript in less than two weeks. I am so pleased with her work. Donna is very serious and knowledgeable when it comes to her work. I told her she has a return customer. To me, Donna is one of my miracles. 


I started out on google knowing nothing more than that I needed a Christian editor. That is when God’s providence took over. I came across Donna’s website as well as a few others that looked intriguing and sent them each an email inquiring about their service. Donna was the first to respond (and the only to respond within a reasonable timeframe). Within a few hours, Donna had replied with a very friendly and informative response, as well as with an offer to provide a sample of her editing work on a small portion of my introduction.  I took her up on this, and from there, I had nothing but the utmost confidence that Donna was the right person for the job.  The process was seamless from start to finish.  Donna kept me updated on her progress throughout with emails full of fun, lighthearted musings, quips, and lots of LOL’s.  This made the experience more personal and helped me remain calm and patient as I anxiously awaited the final copy.  Donna was professional, thorough, patient in answering all of my questions, and all around a joy to work with. I couldn’t be happier with the final result. If you are looking to self-publish a Christian book, I highly recommend Donna Ferrier.


I highly recommend Donna for any of your publishing and writing needs! I just finished my first book (Authentic: Relentlessly Pursuing Jesus), so I had no idea what to expect. She made the whole process easy and stress-free for me. She was available when I had questions (which was a lot) and she put my mind at ease. After seeing how she took what I wrote, smoothed everything out to professional quality, and still kept my style and voice, I was extremely impressed! 

Donna is a great person and an excellent writer and editor. I am confident she will make you feel important and more than just a client when she is working for you. 


Finding Donna was a true godsend. After working with another editor for a very stressful year and a half, all I had was a manuscript full of minor grammatical and punctuation errors. Donna worked her magic and presented me with an updated version that was ever so much better, bringing me such relief! Finally I had a book I could confidently publish. I appreciated her thorough examination of all my scripture references to ensure they were quoted and referenced correctly, and her extensive knowledge of the publishing process. Plus, she was a delight to work with! My prayers were answered when I found Donna, and I know yours will be, too!


Donna Ferrier is a wonderful Christian editor. She makes authors feel important and confident while giving her professional advice on their books. I am truly grateful for her assistance with my book, Fighting Me in Order to Survive. She cares about authors and their stories. If you are looking for an editor who is professional, honest, hard working, and caring, Donna Ferrier is the right editor.


I highly recommend Donna. Not only was she very professional and friendly, but she went above and beyond expectations by adding insightful commentary where simple technical advice would have sufficed. I felt that Donna wasn’t just doing a job, she was doing a job she loves — and loves doing it well. 

That alone raises Donna above the crowd. While knowledgeable with words, she is also knowledgeable with the Word. Her advice on Biblical concepts was a help that most other editors don’t even offer.  

And, for Christian writers, that is a heavenly combination.

Thanks again for everything! 

Many blessings, 


During my initial discussion with Donna, I explained to her that I was not a writer – just a person with a story to tell.   Donna put my mind at ease as she explained how she could help, and she did just that!  She outlined her plan to get to the finish line, kept me informed every step of the way and met all commitments.  She turned the repetitive, and sometimes rambling thoughts in my manuscript, into a cohesive, readable book that flows. The finished product exceeded my expectations!


Donna’s work on my manuscript was like that of a skilled gardener — pulling wordy weeds here and there and propping up sagging sentences. She took only a few weeks on my manuscript, but practically no paragraph was left unturned. Vague sentences now make more sense, embarrassing boo-boos were tactfully restated, and shifting lines improved the flow of thought. Don’t let her folksy progress report emails fool you — she is a real professional.


Donna is amazing!  I love how professional, precise, and detailed she was when she edited my book. Her comprehensive edit is unbelievable!  My only regret is that I didn’t use her sooner!  I will use Donna for all of my future projects! 


Donna was amazing! She was professional, kind, punctual, and had a keen eye for my project. Donna saw my vision, helped me shape my manuscript, and allowed  my voice as a writer to thrive. I thank God because I truly believe that if I had not chosen Donna I would have not been as satisfied with my book project. Bless you and thank you for making Overcoming Sexuality in an Oversexualized World  a success!


What a wonderful moment it was when I found Donna Ferrier’s web site.  I contacted her immediately.  Listening to her describe what she does and how she arrived at the point she is now was inspiring.  We agreed to terms and I sent her my very raw manuscript immediately.  Donna is an extremely gifted editor of Christian books.  She has been invaluable to me by listening, advising, and helping in so many ways.  She understood what I was endeavoring to communicate, trimmed it where necessary, put it in a more logical order, and in short, made me appear to be a much better writer than I am.  I will always be grateful for the gift that is in her and how dedicated she is to using it for Him.



Donna Ferrier is an amazing editing professional and did a wonderful job with my book HisPlan MyPlan. From start to finish, she was professional, fun to work with, and on time. She had a special way of hearing my ideas and then incorporating them into a very polished result. I absolutely loved working with her and would recommend Donna to every author with a message that the world needs to hear.


I selected Donna as my editor.  She had good references,  was prompt to answer emails, phone calls, and her delivery was on time.

Donna communicated professionally, and was willing to listen.  She offered sound advice. 

She produced a manuscript that has magnified my voice as the author, and the personality of the book has shined through.

The title is My Secrets From Heaven.  It is a story of how I died and went to Heaven and what I saw as a young girl.  She took the story and made it so I am confident in its editing. 

I have had great reviews.  You are welcome to visit my page My Secrets From Heaven on Facebook, and Susanne Klein Seymoure on Facebook, as well as my website that will be coming out soon as my book releases on Nov. 29, 2016. 

I would definitely use Donna again, and I do personally recommend her.

Thank you, Donna, from the bottom of my heart.


I’ll be honest, I found Donna online after lots of prayer. It took some time, but I’m so grateful that I waited to hire a copy editor until I found her.

Donna has helped me whip my new book proposal into shape! She’s a brilliant editor, precise, on time and communicative.

Donna is honest and upfront. I’ve grown as a writer while working with her.

I mentioned “on time” but let me say that again: Donna meets her deadlines! She returns material when she says she will. That is a beautiful thing.

Thank you, Donna, for all of your help with my proposal. I look forward to updating you on the submission process.

And, of course, I look forward to working with you again.



Donna’s work is superb. Her work is done with integrity and professionalism. I plan to use Donna in other works that I as an author need to be completed, such as editing and book cover design. I highly recommend Donna for your work in book cover design and editing.


I knew having my book professionally edited by someone with Donna’s experience would be a wise decision. The fact she’s a fellow believer and has a Biblical worldview was a real plus. Donna was honest about my shortcomings, which, in the long run, will only help me be a better writer. Her knowledge of the industry was informative and helped me know what to expect. I would recommend Donna to anyone wanting their work professionally edited.


This was my first attempt at writing a book. When I spoke with Donna, before any deals were made or any money crossed hands, one of the first things she told me was the harsh reality of first books written: how few get noticed, and most never do. that struck a chord with me. It caused me to re-consider my commitment. Do I want to do this regardless if it sells none, 1, or whatever? I contacted several editors before Donna, and a few after. Every one had about the same exciting things to say and I wondered who could best represent me, honestly? My thoughts kept returning to the one thing said by only one editor, that was the stark reality shown me by Donna. By then I knew I wanted to go forward with my first book, and I knew who would best represent me honestly: Donna.

Donna kept her end of the bargain without flaw. Not once did I feel out of control of my own material. She exhibited patience and respect in a newbie such as I was, and through her professionalism, I felt encouraged to get better and use this opportunity to learn the craft of writing. I wanted to be able to step up to the plate and give of the wealth of the quality of service that I have received from Donna.

In a “nutshell,” (pun intended), where I go from here will always be deeply rooted in this first experience, and the future looks bright!

See you later, friends!


Donna’s dedication and prompt attention to my project is what stood out to me!  I needed an editor who was a Christian and I believe Donna was the right one for the job.  I will for sure continue to use her services for all my future projects. Truly an amazing editor!  Two thumbs up!


Donna is a Godsend! I had been searching for a reputable and dependable editor to work with me on my book publishing projects and Donna has been a perfect fit. She delivers when she says and makes my published works shine! As a publisher, I have even referred her to my book publishing clients and they all rave about her editing services. You can’t go wrong with Donna! That’s why I keep coming back.


Donna is an absolute delight to work with. After seeking the Lord over who to edit my testimonial manuscript, Donna’s website sort of fell in my lap. Since the edit, she has also proofread and provided priceless insight into the publishing process. Donna, I will use you many times over – thank you!


What a treasure it was to find Donna Ferrier for my editor.  And what a Godsend she has turned out to be.  I am a first-time author and was concerned with finding the right person to help me shape my book and get it ready for publishing.  I am delighted to have found Donna.  She has gone above and beyond whatever I have asked from her.  Anytime I had a question, she responded with promptness and courtesy without ever being demeaning concerning my amateurishness.

As a professional editor she has done far more than merely proofreading and correcting my grammar.  There were cases when her suggestions led to a more streamlined reading – other places where she took my jumbled thoughts and made a cohesive structure from the chaos.  When I first contacted her about editing my book she put me at ease with her statement “I will do whatever it takes to make it ready for publishing.” And she has truly fulfilled her part of the bargain.  I will not hesitate in the future to take any publishing needs to her for editing.  Thank you, Donna, for a job filled with excellence.


About three weeks ago I came across Donna while looking for a Christian editor in Miami. I wanted to go in person and bring my manuscript for editing for fear of the online process, but somehow I came across her web page. Something made me send her a message and I felt a peace inside. I do everything by faith at this time of my life and I felt God put Donna in my path for a reason. A week after, I sent her the manuscript and two weeks later it was ready. I love the way my manuscript came to life. She sent me updates and made me feel confident about this new journey I am about to embark on. I am not a writer. This is my first book. A dream come true. She is still giving me tons of advice and I am so grateful for that because I feel so lost not knowing which way is best. She is reliable and trustworthy. May God continue to bless her


Of all the editors in the world I was blessed to locate Donna. After looking over her website I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge and experience she possessed. My main goal for my manuscript was to have my story flow in a manner that would engage the reader. Once Donna’s editing was completed my story did just that. She also completed the job ahead of schedule. Donna, you were always pleasant and professional. Thanks for all you’ve done.


I always felt I was a pretty good storyteller, but only a fair writer.  I looked online for a Christian editor and found Donna Ferrier; what a Godsend!  I am very pleased with the recommendations and edits Donna suggested to me.  Now, readers might even think I know what I am doing.

At first I was reluctant at contracting with someone I had found online.  Then I saw that Donna offers a free sample of her editing of your first five double-spaced pages (if your book is more than 20,000 words). This free sample was amazing and I signed up my entire book right away. I was truly impressed with the final results and I will definitely use Donna again for my next books.


I consider myself a better storyteller than writer. Donna has made me a better writer by editing my books! She is currently editing the last book in my Hating God Trilogy. I couldn’t have finished this Trilogy without her. Thanks so much Donna.


Need to know if Donna is the right person to take on your project? I can honestly say, you need to look no further!  Donna has not only been my editor, but in the process, she became my friend.  I have a lot to say about this wonderful lady. I know I drove her crazy with all my immature and naive questions about editing and proofreading and the layout, etc., but she hung in there with calm and understanding. I now have my book and it’s selling well; the compliments about the layout and cover keep flooding my email. She was totally a God-send to me, and she’s great! Thanks Donna; you’re the best.

Love, Peace & Joy all day.


God answered my prayer and sent me directly to Donna. Without her patience and expertise my book would only be a dream. Thank You.


Donna, thanks for reviewing and editing my children’s story, Where Do Balloons Go? I am very pleased with the response time and the price.  I will definitely use your services again.

Have a blessed and awesome day!


Donna did a great job editing my manuscript, even making suggestions on phrasing and word choices that I hadn’t considered. She completed the edit in a timely manner, even with all the changes I threw at her at the last minute. She was a pleasure to work with – and I highly recommend her! 


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