2024 Price List

Please click each link below for a drop-down list of prices, all of which are based on word counts.

Please note that once the book is done, publishing simply involves uploading the print and Kindle books and publishing them on Amazon, and I do not charge extra to do that. The ISBN will be the free ISBN that Amazon offers unless you elect to pay for a custom ISBN.

I give progress reports once a week, usually on Fridays.

If you have questions, please let me know. It’s always better to ask than to assume because people’s assumptions are usually wrong.

Ghostwriting — Writing a book for someone or rewriting a draft he or she already has.

Developmental Editing — A content and flow edit of an existing manuscript. The term “developmental editing” is kind of a misnomer because the book doesn’t always need further development. In the past, it was called “comprehensive editing” in the independent publishing field. Traditional publishers call it “substantive editing.”

Copy Editing — Grammar and wordsmithing edit without the content and flow work.

Proofreading — Checking for errors only. It’s the last thing done before a book goes to layout (formatting) or to press.

Interior Formatting — Turning the manuscript into a book laid out into a specific format for publishing such as 5.5.” x 8.5″ or 6″ x 9.” Those are the most common sizes, though I have used 4″ x 6″ for booklets.

Covers — Front and back cover and spine, though the Kindle book requires only the front cover.