Hello everyone. As February is the month for celebrating love, I hope you’ll reflect on the love that God showed when He sent His only Son to die for our sins, rise from the dead on the third day, and then pour out His Holy Spirit. My name is Donna Ferrier, and I’m a Christian ghostwriter, editor, and publisher. Visit my contact page and let me know how we can work together. You can also read the tons of awesome reviews my clients have left me over the years.

In lieu of the marketing puff you usually find on the front pages of websites, I have decided to rotate the front-page copy monthly with information relevant to Christian living or Christian book publishing. Sometimes I’ll write up something about my Christian walk or something I learned in the Bible recently, and other times I’ll write articles that will help your books reach their fullest potential.

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This month, I thought I’d provide eleven free ways to get your book into the hands of a wide readership and set you on a path to becoming a bestselling author.

1. Get an agent.

The best way to get your book into the hands of readers is to submit your manuscript to an agent, who will then sell it to a traditional mass-market publisher (i.e., Zondervan, HarperCollins, etc.). Just be sure to find an agent that accepts manuscripts in your book’s genre, and follow their instructions exactly. Don’t give them any more or any less than what they ask for. Also, if you contact someone who says they’re an “agent,” and they charge a fee to represent you, that’s a scam. Agents get paid only when they sell your manuscript to a publisher.

2. Use Social Media

As of October 2023, 5.3 billion people, or 65.7 percent of the world’s population, are on the internet. Of this number, 4.95 billion, or 61.4 percent of the world’s population use social media. Reach out to every one of them with the message of your book. Facebook, YouTube, What’s App, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok boast more than one billion users per month. Build a community on these platforms and interact with your followers. Be sure to use hashtags to increase your posts’ visibility, and encourage followers to share them..

3. Create a Website or Blog

Develop an author website or blog for your book and keep your readers updated on relevant information. While you can build a website for free, spending a little money on webspace to use WordPress.org would be well worth it because you get to use AIOSEO (an amazing and free SEO plugin) to rank high on the search engines. Write a regular newsletter and include a signup form to build a mailing list. Just be sure your visitors know they’re opting into a mailing list when they sign up.

4. Build an Email List Free

Most folks have scads of friends and family they talk to over the internet nearly every day. These folks also have friends, and they have friends, etc. (Remember the Faberge Organic shampoo commercials of the 1970s?) Such is the power of building a free email list to send your newsletter and keep everyone you know informed about your book.

5. Get Help From Other Bloggers and Reviewers

Getting bloggers and reviewers who specialize in your book’s genre to write a review on Amazon and other high-visibility sites can significantly boost your book’s credibility and your reputation as an author.

6. Collaborate with Other Authors

Joint promotions, book bundles, or cross-promotions can expose your work to a broader audience. Networking with authors who are targeting a similar audience as you can also boost your credibility and attract new readers, particularly if your book appears in the same advertisements with well-known bestselling authors.

7. Contribute to Niche Communities

Goodreads, Reddit, Facebook groups, and similar forums provide opportunities to discuss your book, share experiences, and connect with readers. Just be sure you know the rules of engagement before contributing to these forums. Some allow more advertising than others, so be sure you know and abide by community guidelines.

8. Do Podcasts

Ask hosts of podcasts if you can be a guest on their show. This will give you a platform to discuss your book, share a bit about what inspired you to write your book, and connect with new readers.

9. Create a Profile on Amazon Author Central

Amazon Author Central is one of the most overlooked tools to generate readership and keep your readers informed of news and upcoming projects. Your comprehensive author profile should have your biography, a photo of you as the author, and links to your website and social media. Be sure to keep your page regularly updated with news and events pertaining to your book.

10. Optimize Your Book’s Metadata

Ensure that all the information about your book on Amazon such as the title, description, keywords, blurb, about the author page, and categories are optimized so that your book will be more likely to appear to people who want to purchase it.

11. Offer Free Promotions and Discounts

BookBub was created to help readers find new books and authors. Freebooksy points readers to hundreds of free eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Nook, Apple Books and Kobo. Make use of these platforms to attract significant readership.

Once again, visit my contact page if you’d like me to ghostwrite, edit, or publish your next Christian book. Take care and have a blessed Christmas season.